Thursday, March 24, 2016

Top Tips for Web Project Management by the Seattle Central College Web 105 students

This is a compilation of student tips shared at the end of Web 105 Working on a Web Project class I taught at SCC.

  1. Map out what you’re doing before you do it with clearly defined goals.

  1. Use tools such as Cost estimator, Keyword search tool, Adobe Kuler, etc

  1. Collaborate with your team for a more successful project.  

  1. Organize with Post-Its.

  1. Research the competitive landscape.

  1. Respect Contracts (Non-disclosure agreements, customer contracts.)

  1. Value an effective division of labor on your project, playing to different employees strengths.

  1. Document everything to keep everyone on the same page and make sure everyone has access to all the ideas, research and information.

  1. Develop a workflow and stick to it broadly.

  1. Have a good communication plan (email, google docs, staging area, video conference).

  1. Understand how agile workflow functions and its importance to your future employment.

  1. Be  Agile during the project.
  2. Have an understanding of all aspects of the project (IE: front-end development, wireframes, SEO, agile workflow, industry standards, etc.).

  1. Time management is HUGE. Budget, understand how much time each task takes.

  1. Understand the USER, and that their needs may not be glamorous but are important.

  1. Typography is (arguably) 95% of web design (a “huge deal”)

  1. Know the project phases: Plan, Develop the structure, Design visual interface, Build and integrate.

  1. Prepare a project summary - vItal to making sure you and your client are on the same page.

  1. Get paid what you’re worth and manage your time.

  1. Watch out for scope-creep.

  1. Scope creep is inevitable, but it can be managed.

  1. Be mindful who you're designing for and who you're leaving out, especially when it comes to technology.

  1. Don't assume you're on the same page, get all agreements in writing.


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